Call It // En Bloc


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released July 14, 2014



all rights reserved


FRENCH Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(Mikey Franz was here)

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Track Name: Call It
Seeing how you see me now, full of doubt, despair / you saw the sea swallow me & stole the nothing from nowhere / the days decay in the same way that silence fills my stomach / a day is done & I feel numb / as much as I escape it // Call it treason, call it fortress, I need you now / & if for no reason, I thought you promised no sleepless nights, no lonely days // the city sleeps, I fall beneath dreams that lie between their teeth / tell me how to live without the thoughts that still haunt me / I close my eyes & redefine the world that's around me, but suddenly it's all I see & it remains surrounding...

Through the dark & daylight
you deserve an Atlas,
monolithic scale maps
of everything still standing.
Track Name: En Bloc
I saw slurred words spilling out of my mouth & I forgot what I was talking about / when the last call lights up & casts us out, will our shadows know the way back to the house? / I grind my teeth & slip beneath the growing comfort in between // the silence. the song. the sinner. / (the conductor. the count. the call.) // We don't speak & we don't see how time wears us so ceaselessly / the ups & downs have gotten me this far, still I don't know who you are /

[ I saw drowned gin lips that slurred words & blurred the whirring machine spinning spinning you're too busy you're to busy to dizzy in the streets beneath the filling moon the spilling soon that dribbles from the conductor the clock the count the call
Independent dependency disguising a caricature on the carpeted floor trying to recite to delay the relay the replay the spiral day that came & went as they come & go & no one knows no one knows so why hold onto not sorrys & shared faults tell me tell me I wish I knew the new & where & how & why
(you keep the answers bottled up) / (the glass shatters) ]